Good Emails

This isn’t new but it’s something that I always keep with me in my career: “Will they miss you if you’re gone?”

I learned this one through a weekly email I used to send out that actually converted somewhat well. It started out with a whole plan about creating a character and a story but it just never panned out. The work wasn’t necessary, the email had a low open rate, and I honestly started to think that people weren’t reading it. So one weekend I decided to not send it and see if it even caused a mild ruckus, or even had one person ask for it. Not a soul wondered what happened to it.

If you’re going to push through the dip you have to know what you’re getting yourself into before you start. I didn’t plan and I wasn’t prepared to make things happen. Lesson learned. Always push, always grow.



I’m really excited to be participating in the Your Turn Challenge next week! For those that don’t know it’s basically Seth Godin and Winnie Kao’s way of challenging us to blog for seven days straight. We’ll be tweeting about it daily (or tumblr-ing it) while following others who are posting.

On the surface this might seem like a silly or pointless challenge, or, even worse, something that doesn’t have much resonance with marketers but I would argue that it does. Our profession, or any creative profession, needs two components – inspiration and perspiration. It’s a much easier task for us to surround ourselves with things that inspire or move us to be more creative but if we don’t get into the habit of acting on that inspiration and shipping whatever is is we’re doing then it becomes moot.

If you want to learn more then check out this blog post here and get excited to start blogging.

As a challenge to myself I’m going to list out what I hope to accomplish or gain from this exercise:

1. Develop a stronger habit of blogging not for an audience but for myself

2. Get my research game stronger

3. Figure out a way to incorporate basketball into every marketing analogy

4. Ship things on time and ship things often

5. Build my brand

Like I said, I’m really excited about this challenge and really excited about what can come out of it! I’m hoping you’ll take the challenge too and get to blogging. After all, being an effective marketer is like being an effective basketball player: practice often, know yourself, know your game, and shoot every shot you can (ALREADY WORKING ON NUMBER 3).

Oh and last but not least, read some of Seth’s books if you haven’t. They’re not just for marketers but anyone wanting to be a little better at life.

Warby Parker and the Great Content Marketing Caper

Warby Parker has done something amazing when it comes to content marketing. Not only do they have one of the best email marketing teams in the game but they are starting to up their content. Both of these things are going to be huge in 2015. Especially since Rand Fishkin in one of his recent webinars explained how important content is going to be for SEO in 2015. But in all of the “end of 2014” content creations that are out there the one that stuck with me is the Warby Parker unscientific year in review. It’s honestly just silly questions that generate funny answers for any user that asks somewhat generic questions but it’s really fun and most importantly really shareable. And it’s not even brand centric, which makes it easier for anyone to share. Partially why I think it’s such a brilliant piece of content marketing to begin with.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 1.17.29 PM
My 2014 Annual Report “Motto”. Personally, I couldn’t agree more.

Share-ability is going to be a huge problem in 2015 with Facebook announcing that they’re going to be eliminating organic posts from business pages. That’s a huge hit to smaller businesses that rely on organic posts to increase their visibility without spending $100k on FB advertising. So what does that mean for marketers? Creating content that is easy to share and easy to digest can be your biggest win in the coming year. For example, Guy Kawasaki recently gave some tips to on the best ways to exist on social media and they’re pretty important. They’re worth looking at and you can do so here but the one I found most important is this:

  • Share at least one post per day. Think of social media as flossing but with greater benefits: enhanced relationships, greater visibility, and, seriously, fun. These goals are imminently achievable, but they require consistent effort over the course of several months to see results. You’ll have to stand by the side of a river a long time before a roast duck or social-media goodness flies into your mouth. Very few people post too much good stuff.

When we share, or create things worth sharing, we are giving consumers content that they want but also content that they can own. Giving any consumer the ability to own something that isn’t exactly theirs but can be a reflection on themselves is a huge asset in today’s digital landscape.

Possible New Nicknames...
Possible New Nicknames…

All in all, Warby Parker sets an amazing example of what you can do with content in 2015 and how you can create something that doesn’t reflect completely on the brand itself but generates awareness and easily shareable content. Because that’s literally the whole point of this blog post and after all, if they only receive 3% of new customers off of 1,000,000 shares, that’s not exactly a bad place to be in.